When people think of core ab workouts for men, they usually envision endless crunches and sit-ups, with the goal of six-pack abs. Your core is more than just your abs, however. Your core actually includes these muscles, to name just a few of them:

  • Abdominals
  • Hamstrings
  • Hip abductors
  • Glutes
  • Pelvic floor muscles.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Stronger Core

Abs Workout for Men - men doing work out

Besides an enviable physique when you take your shirt off, doing regular ab workouts for men will work the muscles fast that allow you to bend, pivot, and balance better. It’s great to help you be the best athlete you can, but learning and doing the best men’s core workouts can help you to prevent injury and avoid back problems later in life.

Best Ab Workout Equipment to Have at Home

Part of getting psyched about committing to your best ab workouts for men is having the option to work out at home when the gym’s closed or the weather’s bad. 

Here are some products that you can look forward to indulging yourself with, to make some the following ab workout for men possible at home:

  • Exercise Mat: Unlike thinner yoga mats, these mats are thicker, often around an inch or more. You can also look for mats that are sold as tiles, so you can buy as many as you need. Your knees will thank you.
  • Ab Roller Wheel: These are a bargain when you consider what they can do for your abs. Look for one with comfy grips.
  • Barbell: For most common ab exercises for men, you don’t need to buy weights for the barbell. However, if you’re going to be a serious lifter, you may want various weights, which can also help with more ab workout options.
  • Swiss Ball:  Don’t get one too small for doing crunches on, or you could be disappointed. There is a great variety of exercises for stability and strength that can be done on the ball, and they are inexpensive.

10 of the Best Ab Workouts for Men

Ab Wheel Rollout

  • Grip an ab wheel and position it in front of you while kneeling on a mat. Cross your legs behind you and lift your feet off the mat.
  • Placing your full weight on the wheel, roll out just as far as you can while keeping your lower back straight. 
  • Pause for a second, keeping your core tight.
  • Reverse by tightening your abs more and returning to the starting position.

Windshield Wipers

  • Lie flat on the floor, holding a barbell above your chest. 
  • Keep your arms straight above, and move your legs upward together towards the ceiling. 
  • Lower your legs down and to the side without having them touch the floor while keeping the barbell raised above you.

Reverse Crunches

  • These are one of the best exercises for abs, especially if you do enough to feel the burn.
  • While keeping your upper back flat on the ground, lift your legs, glutes, hips, and lower back toward your chest in a controlled motion. 
  • Repeat as many as you’re able.

Hanging Leg Raise

  • Grasp a pull-up bar with a V-shape between your arms and hands shoulder-width apart in an overhand grip. 
  • Engaging your abs, put your feet together, and raise your legs straight until they’re at 90° to your torso.
  • Lower your legs as slowly as you can back to the starting position. 
  • Repeat.

Flutter Kick

  • Lying on your back, stretch your legs out straight, with your arms extended out on both sides.
  • Lift your heels about 6 inches off the ground and then flutter kick your feet in a quick motion. 
  • Continue to exhaustion. Repeat.

Barbell Back Squat

  • Pick up a barbell with no weights. Starting with feet shoulder-width apart, center the barbell evenly across your shoulders. 
  • Pushing your glutes back as if you’re about to sit in a chair, bend deeply at the knees as far down as you can go.
  • Straighten back to the starting position by pressing down through your heels.
  • Add additional weight as you master this.

Superman Plank (also known as a 3-Point Plank)

  • Get in a push-up position. 
  • Keeping your hips aligned with your core and your core tight, raise your right arm in front of you and your left leg behind you.
  • Lower both to their original positions.
  • Then raise your left arm in front of you and your right leg behind you.
  • Lower them to their original positions.

 Leg Raise

mens workout

  • Lying on the floor on your back, raise your arms over your head and hold onto a bench or sturdy post for support. 
  • Keeping your legs straight, raise them until vertical, towards the ceiling.
  • Lower your legs back down, stopping just short of touching the floor.
  • Breathing continuously with your abs contracted tight, perform additional reps.

Swiss Ball Crunch

  • Lie back on the Swiss ball with your knees bent at a 90° angle and feet shoulder-width apart. 
  • Support your head by placing your hands behind your ears with fingers spread apart.
  • With your chin tucked in, curl your body up off the ball until your mid-back is raised off the ball.
  • Pause, and then return to start.

Side Plank with a Hip Dip

  • Lying on the mat on your side, raise your upper body with your forearm resting on the floor.
  • Lift your hips, forming a straight line from your shoulders through your ankles.
  • Slowly dip your hips close to the mat.
  • Return to starting position.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps on each side.

Takeaway and Trainer Tips

As you learn how to get through ab workouts for men, you’ll add more exercises to your repertoire, and find full body workout plan that works for you. Remember these tips:

  • Concentrate on maintaining tension in your abs throughout the entire movement of your abs workout. 
  • You can build definition by increasing reps.
  • Do not hold your breath when doing abdominal workouts.