Beards are always in! They’re not a new fashion trend, they’re a forever trend. Whether it is for a daily shape up or a deep clean shave, we believe that every man should own a shaving kit. Unfortunately, there are plenty of shaving kits out there in the market. From old school kits to premium shaving kits for men, there are choices for every type of beard. While shaving kit shopping sounds as easy as going online and buying the first one within your budget, it really is not quite that simple.

There are some key things to consider. For instance, are you in the market for a reliable electric trimmer or an old-school razor? Are you planning on using it for a super close shave or a quick shape up every other day? The list goes on…

We understand it is not so easy to find the best possible shaving kit for men. That’s why we’re here to help you and streamline the long and laborious search process. Fellas, here are 7 best shaving kits for men in 2020.

7 Best Shaving Kits for Men 2020

Shaving Kits for Men



Looking for a heavy-duty, classic shaving kit? Then stop right here. The Godfather from VIKINGS BLADE provides a close shave while maintaining the aesthetics that any craftsman would be satisfied with. Everything in this shaving kit is made from premium, high-end materials, guaranteeing that the razor itself is not going to be second-rate or defective. Perfect if you need to shave regularly.

The best part? This shaving kit comes with a pack of steel mild blades, allowing you to give yourself a different shave depending on your situation.


  • Premium ‘super blades’
  • Excellent in terms of aesthetics
  • Positive reviews
  • Leatherette and Alcantara case (ideal for travel)


  • May rust over time.

Remington PG525 Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit

Not all of us are old school razors aficionados. They can be hard to use, and you’re more likely to get cut. That’s where the electric trimmer from Remington comes in.

This super convenient shaving kit features a main trimmer, as well as 8 attachments that will accommodate any potential grooming requirements – and that goes for regions other than the face. The trimmer has self-sharpening, surgical steel blades that won’t depreciate quickly, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. 


  • Attachments for all styles of grooming
  • Designed for durability. One charge should last for up to 70 minutes of use.
  • Renowned brand for shaving kits


  •  Electric trimmers do not guarantee a shave as close and clean as a razor.

Harry D Koenig & Co’s 4 Piece Shave Set

Harry D Koenig & Co’s 4 Piece Shave Set is a great razor kit for novices. It features a soap, a bowl, and a brush so that you can get the most for your money. The best part – this kit looks great in the bathroom. This amazing 4-piece shave set is a great choice if you want to add a bit of style to your bathroom while keeping functionality in mind.


  • Great addition to bathroom decor
  • Bowl and soap included (no need for shaving cream)


  • Metal handles are heavy.

 Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Multigroom Series 7000 shaver

Philips is long-renowned for manufacturing some of the best trimmers in the world, and the Multigroom Series 7000 is no different. With 23 different attachments, DualCut technology, and a long-lasting battery, you have no excuse for not having a perfect shape up every time you need one.


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Highest precision thanks to Philip’s DualCut technology
  • Fits all of your grooming needs
  • Renowned brand

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Gentleman Jon is another renowned brand when it comes to shaving supplies. We get it, shaving can be a demanding game but Gentleman Jon makes it enjoyable thanks to its Complete Wet Shave Kit.

The kit features six items: a safety razor, shaving soap, an alum block, a badger hairbrush, a stainless steel shave bowl, and Astra razor blades. To put it simply, it carries everything you need to get a quality shave, and all at a very fair price.


  • All the shaving tools you’ll ever need
  • Alum block helps soothe skin inflammation
  • Makes a great gift


  •  Handle the safety razor with care

Harry’s Truman Shave Set

Harry’s Shave Set is a great option for men looking to improve their shaving game. The Razor features Harry’s five-blade, German engineered cartridge, which includes the precision trimmer and rubber flex head, and a quality handle. This kit doesn’t only look nice, even the price is nice.

Along with the razor, you also get a tube of their Eucalyptus Shave Cream that offers a smooth glide and close shave.

This set makes a wonderful gift for groomsmen and other beardy friends. Replacement blades can be obtained at


  • Renowned brand
  • Great for travel
  • Quality blades
  • Makes a great gift
  • Super affordable


  • Doesn’t come with a brush 

Merkur Deluxe Travel Dopp Kit

Merkur’s Deluxe Travel Dopp Kit has everything you could possibly need from a shaving kit.

The double edge safety razor featured in this kit has an easy-to-use handle and will guarantee an irritation-free close, clean shave. Just in case anything happens, Merkur also includes an Osma Block within the kit, to help soothe any unexpected irritation you may experience.

There’s more! You also get a bowl to mix water and soap ( soap included). The badger shaving brush, which is included with the set, exfoliates your skin, ridding it of dead skin cells making it a great addition to your skincare ritual. Lastly, the razor kit itself comes with an extra 10 double edge razor blades so that it will last you for a long time.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Great quality and guarantees a good shave
  • Contains everything you could need from a razor shaving kit
  • Big leather toiletry bag


  • Unscented soap 


Finding the best shaving kit can be a bit overwhelming. Getting the perfect, sleek shave is a form of art, and the razor (or trimmer) is your paintbrush. That’s why you need the best trimmer for your preferred style of shaving.

While all of the options above are great and affordable, it’s up to you to consider which one will suit your needs and lifestyle the most. We want all of our readers to get the best kit for their money, so we’ve done the research so that you can find your perfect kit without putting in the hours.