Spring is finally here and so is the 2020 edition of the most stylish jackets for men. While 70° days and light rains are more than appreciated after many months of cold, spring also carries with it some unpredictable weather. It’s finally warm enough to stow away that thick winter jacket you’ve been wearing for the past months, but not quite hot enough to go out without anything at all.

Even when it is warm and sunny out, the weather has a reputation for swaying dramatically within minutes, making what to wear a tricky decision.

Why Every Man Should Own a Spring Jacket

We believe every man should be familiar with the spring style tips and have a spring jacket in the closet. A light spring jacket is vital to any man’s wardrobe, as it helps to keep you warm during those mid-day chilly breezes without all the weight of a heavy winter jacket. By wearing a lighter jacket in more temperate months, you’ll stay considerably more comfortable all day long.

There’s an endless variety of spring jackets for men out there, from practical rainwear to fleeces to trendy sports jackets. You are sure to find something that matches your lifestyle. Whether you’re in the market for something casual to wear on weekends with friends, something suitable for more formal events, or a light everyday jacket, these ten spring jackets for men are some of the best to own in 2020.

Most Stylish Jackets for Men

Walk outside with a regular jacket on a warm day, and you’ll find yourself sweating in minutes. However, head out without one, and you’ll probably regret it when those mid-day thunderstorms come surging in. If you’re all too familiar with this weather dance, it’s time to start looking for a brand-new, lighter stylish jacket.

  • Bonobos: The Stretch Denim Jacket

The Stretch Denim Jacket | Jackets for men


You know spring is in the air when shops are packed with denim-jackets. The Stretch Denim Jacket from Bonobos can be worn with just about anything and grows old gracefully. 


  • Todd Snyder + Golden Bear: Japanese Nylon Snap Bomber Jacket

todd snyder golden bear japanese nylon snap bomber


Whoever said varsity jackets were just for high-school quarterbacks has no sense of style. Repeat after us; varsity jackets aren’t just for jocks anymore. The stark contrast between this jacket’s washed out cuffs and navy colorway will make it one of the coolest pieces in your closet. Rock it with a fresh pair of denim jeans, and get ready for those compliments.


  • BDG: Acid Wash Chore Jacket

 Hover to zoom. BDG Acid Wash Chore Jackets for men


All of our trend-setting fellows, please stand up – this one’s for you. With Urban Outfitter’s elite acid-wash dye, the BDG’s Chore Jacket makes for an excellent addition to any weekend function.


  • Nike: Men’s Sportswear Hooded Windrunner Jacket

Nike Men's Sportswear 2019 Hooded Windrunner Jacket


If you’re a ‘the brighter, the better’ type of guy, you’re going to love this one. Make a spring statement with this bright yellow windbreaker from Nike. Pair the relaxed fit Windrunner jacket with your coolest sneakers, and you’ll find yourself turning more heads than you can count.


  • Everlane: The ReNew Lightweight Hooded Puffer

The ReNew Lightweight Hooded Puffer


For the days that are chillier than most, you’ll be glad to own this super lightweight puffer from renowned brand Everlane. The Everlane ReNew Lightweight Hooded Puffer provides plenty of warmth to keep the cold breeze out. The best part? It’s completely reversible and packable.


  • J.Crew: Brunswick Rain Jacket

Brunswick rain jackets for men


Got plans in the city, but the stormy weather is not cooperating? Throw on J.Crew’s Brunswick Rain Jacket, and you’ll be set for the day. Its three-layer waterproof stretch nylon fabric is designed to keep you dry, even in the wettest of weather. The coolest part? You have plenty of pockets to keep your stuff dry as well.


  • Comme des Garçon:  PLAY Zip-Up Hoodie


Zip-Up Hoodie

If you’re not familiar with Comme des Garçons, you’re in for a treat. We love this brand. Rock this iconic Comme Des Garçons Light Hoodie, and your significant other will be begging to borrow it. 


  • ALife x Lee: Pinstripe Trucker Jacket

ALIFE X Lee Pinstripe Trucker Jacket


The ALIFE x Lee Pinstripe Trucker Jacket is a denim marvel. This collaboration with ALIFE is a little funkier than their usual jean wear. This tan pinstripe jacket is an instant head-turner, and it goes with everything. Go all out and get the matching pants too, you won’t regret it.


  • Todd Sneider: Striped Chore Jacket

indigo stripe chore coat


Todd Snyder’s Striped Chore Jacket is a cool, fun addition to your spring collection. If you’re a simple guy but looking to expand your jacket game, this is a good place to start. 


  • Vaugh:  Trucker Jacket

Vaughn Trucker Jacket


Black denim jackets are a must! Vaughn’s Trucker Jacket is perfect for daytime functions and nights out. Plus, the jacket’s high-quality, sustainable denim is designed to last. This is the one piece you’ll find yourself reaching for all spring long.


Spring is upon us fellas. That awesome time of the year when you can finally leave your hibernation without having to put on that heavy coat you’re so attached to. From lightweight jackets to warm hoodies, make sure you’re looking fresh for your spring season with our selection of the most stylish spring jackets for men.