When you get dressed in the morning, unless you’re a committed commando bro, underwear is a must.

But which one should you grab? Boxer, briefs, or boxer briefs? Which one is the most comfortable? Which do the ladies prefer? It’s quite a controversial subject. While many men don’t put that much thought into it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your options. Today’s article will compare all three underwear types based on the 5 most essential attributes to consider when picking out your underwear. It lays the foundation for the distinct pros and cons of each. Shall we get started?

Men’s Underwear Review

Men’s Underwear


How well-fitted and awesome they look on you without pants? There are some points to consider if you want great-looking underwear. Your body type is one. Is your stomach a little round or flat? Do you have large thighs? Proportions matter just like with regular clothes.

Best Choice – Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs offer you the best of both worlds. Think of them as lean shorts that give your legs that added appeal. We’ve seen a lot of celebrities rock them effortlessly. Without a doubt, boxer briefs are the most attractive option when it comes to appearance.

Boxer Shorts 

If you are a grown man looking for something a little more padded and covers up your thighs, boxers are your best bet. Since they look like shorts, they can make the lower body appear bigger. Boxers help adjust the small disparities for men with skinny bottoms. 


Sadly, not every man is built like a Calvin Klein model or a professional sportsman. It takes a certain physique to pull off briefs. Don’t get us wrong; given the right build and stature, briefs are sexy.


Comfortable Men's Underwear

How much support do they provide? You need to see the bigger picture when it comes to comfort. There is a bit more to it than just feeling comfortable. Guys need to give their manhood the necessary support when walking or moving around.

Best Choice – Briefs

Remember briefs? Well, they provide the most support. The better they are designed, the more range of motion you get. Based on the brand, briefs are comfortable, they feel great, especially when you’re moving around all day.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs take the second place as they’re comfortable enough to wear for a whole day. They give your manhood some support as opposed to leaving it hanging the way boxers do. Test it out, try running in boxer briefs and boxers, and you’re going to feel the difference.

Boxer Shorts 

When you’re in bed and don’t plan on getting out, boxers are nice. However, they just lack support. While many men enjoy the “free” feeling associated with boxers, many others don’t mind the lack of support. 


Your underwear has two main roles: protection and shielding your manhood from the public. If your usual underwear does an okay job at either, you might be missing out more than you know.

Best Choice – Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are designed to cover your inner thighs and are generally unbothered to the issues associated with briefs and boxers. Boxer briefs just hold everything together while providing adequate protection and shielding.


Briefs don’t exactly cover the inner sections of your thighs. And there is also a strong chance they can cause irritating when moving around.

Boxer Shorts 

If you lead an active lifestyle, boxers can be quite a loose cannon! Imagine heading to the gym one day in a boxers/loose shorts combo. You might be doing sit-ups only to unintentionally give someone a full view of your manhood. 


Versatility refers to the extent of how they look and perform as more than underwear.

Best Choice – Boxer Shorts 

In this category, boxers take first place because they look like shorts. Some brands even have air pockets similar to the ones found in shorts. Wearing them provides your inner thighs some protection from the cold, making them ideal for sleeping.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs provide a bit more coverage than briefs. While they still resemble underwear, you could probably get away with them when hanging at your girl or a friend’s house.


The fact that you can’t really wear briefs for any other occasion doesn’t make them versatile. Say your fire alarm goes off and you have to leave your house in a hurry, would you want people to see you in briefs?

Ladies’ Choice

Boxer Briefs

Ladies’ preference is the last factor in today’s guide. This category refers to what women most want to see their men wearing. 

Best Choice – Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs prevail by a landslide. They are the ones that most women find attractive. As long as you have a decent build and radiate enough confidence, boxer briefs are the way to go.

Boxer Shorts

Looks-wise, boxer shorts have the edge over briefs. They add some substance to the lower body, which the ladies seem to love.


If you are dating around, stay away from briefs, the majority of women favor the other two. Most of them associate briefs with their fathers or little brothers. In other words, it simply doesn’t exude confidence. Many women don’t find them attractive beyond those Calvin Klein ads.

Which Men’s Underwear Is Best Overall?

Boxer briefs take the prize hands down. While the other two do a good job of keeping your manhood secure and away from public view, nothing compares to boxer briefs. That isn’t to say you should switch to boxer briefs right now. This guide is here to give you some perspective and guidance – your style, your call.