Getting a Brazilian wax can be a great way to ensure that your nether regions are ready for display, and yes, men definitely have the option to wax. Whether you’re new to the concept of waxing or simply want to be prepared for your first Brazilian wax experience, here’s a fun guide to getting you started:

Should Men Even Get a Brazilian?

Brazilian waxing for men? It’s about time! While personal grooming techniques such as shaving and waxing should be gender-neutral, women have often been expected to do more work than men in this area. However, times are changing for the better, and men have embraced hygiene and pampering beyond the basic upkeep.

Now, in an era where men have constructed skin routines, hair routines, and even learned to appreciate spa time, waxing is a pretty standard option. The concept of self-care and beauty for men isn’t new, but now it’s gone beyond caring for one’s beard and has even reached below the belt.

If you come from a more traditional background, you might not be familiar with the concept of waxing, which is OK too. It’s never too early to learn. And, if you decide that you prefer other ways of personal grooming, that’s also perfectly fine. While waxing is an option, it’s not a requirement.

Benefits of the Brazilian Wax

benefits of the brazilian wax

Whatever your opinion about waxing in general, there are a few great benefits to getting your privates waxed:

No More Forest:

The hair around your privates is meant for warmth and protection, but it can also serve as a trap for debris, sweat, and odor, which is pretty gross. Plus, if you’re inclined to wear speedos or even shorter shorts, an unkempt bush is likely to make an appearance.

The look:

Smoothly waxed privates are aesthetically pleasing and actually look bigger and more defined without being buried in hair. In fact, this is a pretty easy, though not painless, way to make your penis appear larger.

Lasting Smoothness:

One of the benefits of waxing versus some other hair removal methods is a smoothness that lasts for several days after the wax. This means no need to worry about hair for some time and no need to stress about stubble.

Increased Sensitivity:

Waxing down there also increases sensitivity to that area, which is a pretty obvious benefit.

Down Sides of the Brazilian Wax

While there are many upsides to getting the Brazilian, there are also a few downsides, including:

Being Completely Hairless:

For some men, hair is associated with puberty and becoming a man, so seeing your manhood completely bald could be a bit unnerving. If you find this to be the case after your first wax, don’t worry because…

It Will Grow Back:

Waxing doesn’t permanently remove hair so, if you like the look, you’ll need to set regular appointments. On the other hand, if you don’t like the look after your first wax, you can always just let your hair grow back and opt for another grooming method.

It’s Not Painless:

Waxing does involve some pain and discomfort because, well, you’re pulling hair off your privates.

Brazilian Waxing Facts

brazilian waxing facts

There are a few things you should keep in mind as you consider getting a Brazilian wax.

The Name Varies:

Some men have taken to calling the Brazilian wax the “bro-zilian” or the “boy-zilian.” It’s still the same thing, just marketed to be more relatable to men. Of course, when choosing a waxing style in a salon, you definitely should ask questions if you’re in doubt about how much hair is coming off and from where. Ideally, you’ll want to get your questions answered before the wax has been applied.

It’s Going to Hurt, but Probably Less Than You Think:

Movies and television make male waxing seem extremely painful.  While waxing does hurt, it’s probably not as bad as you think- and it’s not as bad as in the movies.

It’s Going to Be Awkward at First:

Getting any part of your nether regions waxed means spreading your legs to a total stranger whose goal solely to remove excess hair. This can feel unnerving and might even make you feel vulnerable. However, men who have experienced the Brazilian quickly get used to the feeling.

What to Know About Your First Wax:

know about your first wax

Here are a few things to know before your first wax:

Don’t Try It at Home:

Waxing is complicated at best, but when it comes to your pubic area, you definitely do not want to take chances. Just leave it to the professionals and invest in your desired aesthetic.

It’s OK to Ask Questions:

If you’re unsure about a procedure, side effects, or even aftercare, you should ask your aesthetician.

There Is a ‘Right’ Length:

When it comes to the Brazilian, your pubic hair needs to be long enough to be gripped by the wax but not long enough to break mid-wax. If your hair is too long, your aesthetician will give you a trim. If it’s too short, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

Expect to Be Touched:

It’s going to happen, and there’s no way around it. Your aesthetician will need to cleanse the area that needs to be waxed to remove potentially harmful bacteria, and in some cases, prep the area to make the waxing a smoother experience. Plus, the actual wax will need to be applied.

Prepare to Bare Your Junk:

If you’re going for a Brazilian, you’ll definitely be taking off your underwear, so be prepared to show everything. Showering beforehand is always a good idea. Yes, your aesthetician will clean the area, but do you want them to smell it?

After-Care Required:

You will need to avoid exercise, saunas, pools, and other bodies of water for several hours after your wax. This is to help prevent infection. You may also be encouraged to exfoliate before and after your appointment to avoid ingrown hairs.


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