Whether you’re quarantined at home or short on cash, cutting your own hair can seem very tempting. We’ve all tried it once! But put that beard trimmer down before you hurt your hair, sir. Unless you’re going for a full buzz cut or a simple trim, then we highly recommend not taking on this burden on your own. Have you ever seen a bowl cut? That’s precisely what happens when guys try to tackle this challenge unprepared.

Yes, you can occasionally cut it here and there to keep everything uniformed and well-trimmed, but please don’t undervalue your barber’s professionalism. He (or she) probably went to school for this and has shaped up hundreds of domes. Plus, fading the back of your own head and drawing clean lines using a mirror is one of the hardest things to pull off. Instead, follow these useful tips for taming your hair to the best of your abilities.

DIY Trimming Toolbox

DIY Trimming Toolbox

Great! You’re still determined to give it a try yourself. You’ll need specific tools for any DIY hair trimmings. 

How to Fade Your Own Hair

Before you get started, examine the shape of your head. To do this, quickly run your fingers through your scalp to define the direction in which your hair grows. Doing so also lets you identify any bumps or indents that your clippers should avoid when cutting. 

Then wash your hair with only water to remove dirt and knots. Remember, this article does not get into complicated hairstyles; leave that to your barber. All set?


The simplest option is to just go with a uniform buzzcut.

  1. Before you get into it, determine how short you want to go. We suggest starting with a higher clip guard like a 5 , which will trim your hair down to half an inch. Doing so gives you a bit of wiggle room with length in case you mess up.
  2. Starting at the top of your head, gently run your clippers against the direction your hair grows. Once you reach the parietal ridge of your head, which is the widest area of your dome, stop. If you want an artless commando-style cut, lower your clip guard to No. 1 and run it around your head until everything falls.
  3. If you’re looking for a shorter fade, decrease your clip guard by one level, and repeat the first step. If this is your first time, it’s better to start with a level 5 clip guard and work your way down because once you mess up at level 3 or lower, the only way to fix it might be to cut it all off.
  4. If you’re satisfied with the cut at level 4, good! If not, decrease your clip guard by one more level, and run the clipper over the rest of your hair.


Undercut Hairstyle for Men

For men with medium-length hair who don’t want to toss off all their curls, we suggest you try an undercut style, which leaves your hair on top unscathed, while the sides and back are faded.

  1. In front of the mirror, determine the part of your hair that you want to remain. We suggest cutting just below the widest part of your head.
  2. Using a high clip guard level 4, run your clippers below the top part of your head to test the length, moving it against the direction your hair grows. If you feel like a level 3 is in order, lower your clip guard to reduce the length.
  3. Once you’ve settled on the perfect length, run the clippers through the rest of your head, leaving the top section untouched. Always make sure both sides of your head and the back are trimmed uniformly.


If you’re planning on giving yourself a Blowout or a French Crop, it’s best to leave your hair uncut for the time being. Complicated haircuts can be tricky. But you can always freshen up your sideburns with trimmers, slightly shaving off any bush that reaches your earlobes and adjust your sideburns to your favored length. When it comes to cutting the back of your hair, get someone to run a trimmer through your hair just above your neck for a cleaner look.


Being well-groomed is essential, but if you don’t feel like going out and spending money on a haircut. With a lot of practice and the right devices, you can surely take on this challenge at home. The first couple of times, don’t cut it quite as low as you normally like it. That way, if you mess up, you can fix it without having to cut it all off. If you make a mistake while cutting your own hair, don’t try to fix it on your own – go to your barber!  

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