There is no denying it, the natural wellness industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of this decade. Last year, we observed an influx of both new entrants and new products flooding the market, and this year shows no sign of de-escalation. It seems like this trend is no trend at all, but a newfound solution to the world’s most common complexities. If you were hesitant about hopping on the wagon, now is your chance.

Although some would admit that the most popular products are the herbal oils or the delicious gummies, others will tell you that they genuinely enjoy capsules and herbal-infused drinks. If we’re being honest, we enjoy all of them. Things are quickly evolving in the wellness space, and the result is a new and innovative method of taking the compound. This article is going to focus on the newest format to hit the market – herbal-infused shisha flavors.

Benefits of Herbal Products

Before we dive into the sweet herbal-infused shisha flavors from renowned retailer Flora, let’s take a step back and reemphasize what herbal products are and what they do.

Cannabidiol is a natural compound that boasts several therapeutic benefits. Millions of men turn to it for physical as well as mental support. Some have reported that certain products in certain dosages have been effective in helping them find better sleep or soothe aching joints and muscles. The compound’s impressive versatility allows it to be extremely effective in many circumstances.

Herbal products come in several forms, but you knew that already. You got your smokables, your edibles, and so much more. You may have noticed people praise sublingual oils as the coolest and easiest way to take the compound, but that’s not you, is it? If you are a big fan of relaxing while smoking on a hookah, you are in for a treat.

Flora’s Herbal Shisha Flavors

Flora combines unique flavor and smooth, tobaccoless hookah smoke infused with full-spectrum herbal extract to bring you a new enjoyable way to enjoy the relaxing effect of the compound. These 100% herbal shisha contain no tobacco or nicotine so that users can experience relaxation and all the great benefits without the adverse side effects associated with tobacco and nicotine. Some of these flavors include:

Just Peachy
Pink Lemonade
Mighty Mint
Going Grape
Mega Mango

All the aforementioned flavors contain the same high-quality hemp extracts so that you can enjoy the full potential of CBD in a relaxing and familiar method. Use of herbal shisha may:
Support healthy joints and flexibility
Promote relaxation
Help cope with external pressures
Promote healthy sleep patterns
Help maintain focus and alertness


Natural wellness brands are hitting the market at an unprecedented rate. The industry has become so overcrowded that finding a good, trustworthy brand is getting harder and harder. Luckily, Flora provides an easy solution to this problem with its clear, simple approach. So shisha-lover or not, if you are looking for effective, potent, and reliable products, Flora has everything you are looking for.