Hairstyles come and go, and one sure way to update your look is with a fashion-forward haircut. Here are some ideas on how to be on-trend without looking like a fashion victim.

Men’s Haircuts in 2020

You can look to style icons like Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, and Jude Law for different flattering looks, but you might do better to find an unknown model to help you be more objective about what about the image it is that you’re after. You have to ask yourself– what hairstyle suits me?

In 2020, haircuts men wear are not just about keeping up with hair growth but more about what the style says about their attitude, lifestyle, and professionalism. The answer to what haircut should men get if they are in a conservative industry may differ from say, the haircut they should get if they are in college during a cold winter, working construction, or working the runway.

You can also search for the best guy haircuts in 2020 by asking other men where they got their cut and make sure you get the individual stylist’s first name as well as the shop. Consider that the best hairstyles may depend on whether you have curly, straight, or sparse hair.

Popular Hairstyles in 2020

In general, most styles this year are going to be for shortish hair that’s longer on the top. This is a flattering style on most face shapes and looks modern.

Any discussion of the right hairstyles for the year by those in the know probably will include terms like the Quiff vs. the Pompadour.

The Quiff has short hair in the back and on the sides, with longer hair on the top that gets swept up and back at the front. The Pompadour is similar but more controlled and glossy. The Quiff for men’s hair 2020 should have the sides finished with a fade.

The Fade haircut will remain a popular element of most styles, which means essentially having the sides gradually tapered from full at the top to nothing at the bottom and the nape of the neck in back. Close-cut fades need to be retouched every three weeks or so to keep the style crisp.

Another popular look for 2020 that flatters the male face is the Pompadour Fade, which has longer swept-back hair on the front and top and short sides with buzz-cut fade. The Scissors Fade is also completely on target for 2020, but make sure your stylist has performed it before and knows what you’re asking for by supplying a few reference images.

What Hairstyles to Avoid in 2020

Men's hairstyles to avoid in 2020

You should be aware that some styles are associated with attitudes or values. For example, the traditional crew cut is associated with conservative values by many women, while man buns can cause snickers in other crowds. You can expect super-spiky hair to be replaced with less severe looks that invite touch and embrace natural wave and motion.   

Men sometimes try to grow the hair at the front of their heads to hide their baldness, but this actually has the opposite effect, making bald areas more obvious. Instead, make the top shorter at the front.

Avoid too many products—gels, mousse, hairspray, etc. The coolest male haircuts 2020 will start to look over-contrived if they are styled into an oily look or too stiff coif.

Keep in mind men’s haircuts 2020 are not radically different than 2019 but may have subtle nuances in things like the amount of fade, or how they are combined with color or sideburns or other facial hair. 

Don’t forget to keep eyebrows and ear hair (yikes!) tamed, too. 

How to Style Your Hair

To create the texture, experiment with a modest amount of styling product like a salt spray applied when the hair is still damp. You may want to briefly blow-dry it into shape with a round brush, and perhaps add a bit of matte styling wax or clay for separation.

Know your comfort zone. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling your mane with products or continually going back to update the color, tell your hairstylist that you want a style with low maintenance.

Discover Your Face Shape to Find the Right Cut

Take into consideration your face shape. Certain styles suit a longer face, while others complement square face men. For a round face, ask for shorter sides and longer on top to give the illusion of more height. A round face doesn’t do well with buzz cuts either.

If you’re wondering how to check which hairstyle suits my face online, you can go to Fashionbeans’ handy guide to find out how to determine your face shape with just a measuring tape.

Work With Balance and Contrast

How men should style their hair in 2020

Consider that part of the balance of your haircut to your face style includes balancing your hair with any facial hair you want to rock. For sideburns, you generally want to shave no higher than the top of the cheekbones, around, or slightly below your eye line. Longer and more defined sideburns can help broaden longer faces.

Real beards (not the five o’clock shadow look of just a few days’ growths) are staying for 2020, with more room for expression. Think Jake Gyllenhaal. Expect beards to have more architectural styling and cleaner edges instead of the scruffy lumberjack beards that have been showing up recently. The bottom line of a beard must be intentional and precise.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner. Don’t use an all-in-one. They are not as effective. A shampoo cleans, while a conditioner moisturizes and softens hair.


Don’t be afraid to do some research into “male haircuts 2020” or “men haircut 2020” Get a men’s style mag or two (try GQ or Esquire) and flip through to find a few looks you like to bring with you to your next cut. If you were considering cutting your own hair, make sure to check out our How to Cut Your Own Hair Guide!

To track down the look that you’re going to live with every day, it’s worth it to create a profile on sites like Pinterest or Instagram just for this purpose. When you settle on the look you want, be sure to be able to call up saved images on your phone, iPad, or bring a printout.

In 2020, men’s haircuts should be about what feels great to wear, not just what the other guys in the gym are doing.