What are you looking for the most when shopping for a new watch? Is it durability? Affordability or styling? A lot goes into buying a watch, and you don’t be the guy who gets a watch on impulse to later discover that it doesn’t feel right, It was too cheap, or worse, it doesn’t match anything.

If you are in the market for a new watch with a limited budget, then you’re probably not looking for the latest Audemar or a Cosmograph Daytona Rolly. We’ve prepared a comprehensive watch guide to help you find the perfect timepiece without breaking the bank.

What Makes Momentum Special?

Momentum doesn’t carry the legacy name and longtime production of some of its high-end competitors, but it has been establishing a trusted name for itself since 1980. Though they tend to fly somewhat under the radar, they firmly compete with major industry names and deliver watches that customers cherish– wondering how they do it?

1. Momentum watches, just like their high-end competitors, are stylishly crafted with the finest components from around the world:

  • Movements from Switzerland and Japan
  • Luminous, easy-to-read dials and numbers
  • Highly scratch-proof sapphire crystal
  • Waterproof gaskets
  • 3-10 years of battery life

Yet what sets them apart is:

  • Hand-assembled in Vancouver, Canada, and Blaine, Washington
  • Durable construction to keep up with active lifestyles
  • Customizable nature
  • Dedicated service & repair centers and representatives, and up to 6-year warranties
  • Offers a wide range of equally well-made, less expensive choices

2. Momentum offers a variety of powerful dive watches. They are sold in more professional dive shops than any other watch brand, and even their non-divers are depth rated, which may contribute to them being so popular.

3. Spice things up by customizing your own Momentum watch. You have different options for the watch face, band, glass strength, and personal engravings.

  • Certain watch families — Atlas, for example — size up and down so the particular style adjusts to fit different wrists.
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is available at an upcharge. Lower-priced mineral glass can still be upgraded at a service center later on, so there’s no fear of missing out.
  • Momentum’s watch straps come in rubber, leather, fabric, and metal variants, and are interchangeable within the corresponding band size. Inside tip: By altering the selection before purchase, from steel to leather, for instance, may come with a significant price drop!

Momentum Watches – A Complete Guide

With examples of flexible sizing and classy styling, many Momentum watches are actually gender-neutral. Sure, some are heftier, but others are incredibly lightweight and made of quality material. There are dedicated dive watches, some luminous, some dressy, but all of them are designed to tackle the everyday. Let’s get to it, shall we?


  • The M50 is a tactical, professional dive watch — pricier but almost indestructible.
  • The powerful and powerfully good looking Torpedo Blast line.
  • The casual Smokejumper field watch is a special edition. This mid-range option is available in 38mm and 44mm — without much customization but packing vintage style and up to 40 characters of engraving.
  • The Morioka Automatic is an automatic dress watch in the higher price bracket, available with a black watch face and either stainless steel, rubber, or leather band.


  • The 32mm Atlas and the 38mm Smokejumper, as noted above, are also both recommended for women, highlighting the flexibility of Momentum watch models.
  • Designed simply, the Flatline Micro Lume (36mm while other Flatline models are 42mm) can be optioned to just under $100.
  • Splash Ceramic combines dive watch performance, chic and sporty looks, and a relatively low price for a limited time.
  • The superb and lightweight Mini is rated to 200m and comes in 10 bold colors. The Mini family also includes the Midnight and Champagne models — visually related but very different, striking designs in the same small package.


If you aren’t sure which one to go for, just pick a bold and simple watch face in a neutral color. The wearer can change up the look with swappable watch straps and decide if their usage dictates harder glass. But they’re sure to appreciate not having to replace the battery or worry about a little weekend dip in the pool. Momentum carries timepieces that you can easily fall in love with at rates that won’t leave you wondering if you should return it or not.