Whether you’re a hiking kinda guy, into diving and kayaking, or merely a beach stroller, there is no denying the convenience and comfort of water footwear. They make a huge difference! If you regularly partake in water-related activities, whether that’s snorkeling, scuba diving, or swimming, water shoes are essential. They’re designed to protect your feet in and out of the water.

Water shoes have evolved from bulky and heavy designs to sleeker, lighter, and more comfortable ones. They have come a long way to now being designed with a range of practical features, such as water drainage, thermal security, underfoot traction, and so many more. However, with so many styles and brands comes great confusion about what pair is right for you; but luckily, we’ve got you covered. 

Depending on your particular water activity, we believe there is a pair of water shoes out there that’s right for you!
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We’ve put together a guide of the best water shoes that we could find to help you find the one that fits your lifestyle.

Best Water Shoes for Men

Running man with water shoes walking in a puddle


  • Adidas Men’s Terrex CC Jawpaw II


adidas outdoor Men's Terrex CC Jawpaw II Slip-On Water Shoes


With its modern and sleek design, the Adidas Jawpaw is the perfect water shoe for most water sports or activities. It has a breathable and fast-drying Climacool upper part that delivers 360-degree cooling to your feet. Furthermore, it has open mid and outsoles to drain water. Lastly, the Adidas Jawpaw II, allows you to easily walk on different surfaces because of its stealth rubber outsole that provides excellent traction and grip. There is no denying its quality, and with a slightly higher retail, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

  • Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe


Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoes


If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that you can wear at the beach or pool, the Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 is an excellent choice. Besides its simple yet sleek design, this water shoe has a fast-drying mesh upper section that provides support and breathability. 

The Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 also features a rubberized S-Trac outsole that streams the water away for greater traction and grip. Another striking feature of this footwear is its cushioned insole, which massages your feet while you stroll the beach.

Overall, the Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 is an excellent investment. The only downside, however, is that the sand tends to get stuck in the mesh. 

Note: This product is not fit for strenuous activities like hiking.

  • Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe


Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoes


The All Out Blaze Sieve from renowned brand Merrell is designed for hiking, but it works just as well when worn in the water. The upper part of the shoe is built with a watertight leather and a neoprene liner, which guarantees dryness all the time. The midsole of the shoe is made with Unifly, known for its superior cushioning effect.

As an added feature, the midsole also has cutouts to help drain water. The best features of the All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe are its 3-mm lug depth and Vibram® TC5+ outsole. Vibram soles are prized for sturdiness and for providing superior grip on various surfaces. Thus, you can easily take on the most ambitious terrains. Overall, the Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve is one of the most reliable water shoes for men who love a good hike or water-related adventures.

  • Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Sandal


Crocs Men's Swiftwater Mesh Sandal


The Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Sandal is the perfect choice if you’re in the market for a pair of water shoes that serve multiples purposes. It’s a fast-drying, super convenient, and lightweight water shoe perfect for different water activities. This somewhat bulky model has an open design, allowing water to flow efficiently while giving your foot the utmost breathability and comfort. 

Unlike most models out there, this water shoe features a rubber toe top that can shield your toes from harm. Aside from providing protection, the Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Sandal also provides unmatched comfort with its lightweight Croslite foam cushion. 

  • Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Wetsuit Boots


Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Men & Women Wetsuit Boots


Available in different variations (3 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm), the Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Wetsuit Boots are a neat looking water shoe option that will allow you to experience water activities in a new light even in the coldest temperatures. 

This multi-purpose water boot features a puncture-resistant sole that provides thermal protection, support, and exceptional traction. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a water entry barrier (WEB) that blocks water from penetrating the boots, keeping your feet dry at all times.

Overall, the Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Wetsuit Boots are long-lasting and comfortable footwear you can use just about anywhere. However, this boot can be a bit tight when dry. Nonetheless, it’s still a great investment considering its many features. 

  • NIKE Aqua Sock 360 Men’s Slippers


NIKE Aqua Sock 360 Men’s Slippers



The NIKE Aqua Sock 360 has a convenient slip-on design with a sock-like build that gives you a shoeless feel when you’re in or out of the water. Constructed with a form-fitting mesh upper part, this water shoe is super light and quick-drying. It also features rubber pods on its outsole that guarantees flexibility as well as traction. Furthermore, this shoe has a fixed ankle collar that ensures that sand will not penetrate the shoe.

The NIKE Aqua Sock 360 can provide maximum comfort and traction while you walk or run on slippery surfaces. 

  • Body Glove ‘3T Barefoot Cinch’ Water Shoes


Body Glove Men's 3T Barefoot Cinch Water Shoe


The Body Glove ‘3T Barefoot Cinch’ has an unusual and unique design, making it a great shoe for water-based activities. This water shoe is as lightweight as it is comfortable due to its synthetic stretch-fit upper part. It also features Ultra-grip rubber outsoles that provide superior grip on slippery surfaces. Furthermore, this shoe features an Integrated Drainage System (IDS) to drain water and let cool air in. Finally, the 3T Barefoot Cinch has an adjustable bungee cord to keep sand out of the shoe. 


Whether you’re taking a stroll down the beach, swimming, or like to participate in water sports, it’s important to keep your feet shielded. These sneakers, sandals, and boots provide ultimate comfort for your next watery adventure while keeping your feet protected.