Medium length hair on men is enjoying a moment. Traditionally, shorter cuts have been the preference; however, these days, voluminous longer locks are in. They take more styling effort than the shortest trims, but medium hairstyles for men are still rather simple and less intense than caring for a full head of long, heavy hair.

So whether you’re thinking of growing it out and looking for inspiration, or just trying to figure out how to style your sort of long hair, look no further. Below find some of the best cuts and hairstyles for men with medium hair. 

How to Style Medium Long Hair on Men

How to Style Medium Long Hair on Men

Without a Part

Slicked Back

The classic standby. When you want to keep things classy and neat, simply slick your hair straight back. Liberally apply gel or mousse with a strong/firm hold, then run your fingers or a comb through your hair. Give extra attention to the sides — make sure they’re also slicked, combed, and pulled as flat as possible.

This style looks best with some volume to it, so if you have flat hair with a very smooth texture, go for something else below.


Speaking of volume, this is another classic of men’s medium hairstyles. For a contemporary take, this style pairs best with shaved down sides (a fade). The trademark of the pompadour is height and volume centered at the front of the head. 

Achieve this look with a blow-dry, round brush, and rolling motion that teases out a maximum-sized coif.

The Upswept Blowout

Another of the medium length men’s hairstyle that focuses on blow-dried height. The blowout has a modern youthful appeal, emulating a playfully windswept look. You don’t need a comb or brush to make this happen, just some waxy pomade to work upward through your hair as you blow-dry it. 

This style works better on short-to-medium haircuts for men, rather than longer locks that have been growing out. You can still get windswept, aesthetically speaking, but it’s likely your hair will fall to one side or the other, not only stick up at the front.


Excellent for waves, curls, or some serious layers and fringe, use a small amount of your preferred lightweight product, and let your hair do the rest. Have a quick, low heat blow-dry if it feels right. This low effort style looks roguish and cool in almost no time flat. 

Do a little finger combing if you’re actually rolling out of bed, and consider a vigorous shake of the head to loosen things up.

With a Middle Part

When parting in the middle, you’ll want more length than not. These men’s medium-long hairstyles are great choices if your cut is growing out or you like to keep a true medium-length style. Mileage may vary when the front is trimmed shorter than the back.

Pulled to Either Side

Possibly the most straightforward of all medium length hairstyles, men. But a little difficult to pull off handsomely. You can add interest to a tousled look that comes down at the front or sweep your hair upward and have it fall on both sides of the head, creating some depth.

Whatever you do, never go for this deceptively simple middle part as a last resort — you need to wear it purposefully and confidently. (Side parts are much better when trying to mask a frustrating hair day.)

Pulled Behind the Ears

Low effort but neat and classic — smooth, flat, or thin hair is right at home with being parted in the middle and tucked behind the ears. It works for tame waves, too, but doesn’t always make much sense for thick curls.

Just be sure your hair is combed through, frizz-free, and held down with your product of choice, so no flyways pop out of place.

The “Fluffy” Blowout

Wavy or straight, textured hair will respond well to this technique, while silky smooth or wispy hair may not like it much. This style should accommodate those shorter-in-front haircuts as well, nicely framing the face. You’re trying to recreate what would happen if you had someone hold a fan in front of your face whenever you made an entrance.

Just like the blowout above, you’ll need a blow-dry and a little pomade, but instead of forcing the hair straight upward, you shape it at either side.  Push your hair back and slightly outward, away from the face and head, to create a volume that looks a little unkempt in a good way.

With a Side Part

Side parts are a staple of many men’s medium haircuts, where you might shave in a hard and defined part or go for an asymmetrical undercut. Then, styling around them becomes a necessity — a good looking necessity though. 

So, if you want to try out the made-for-men medium hairstyles below with a full head of untrimmed locks, go for it. These are easy to do and look good on most people, adding volume and creating a natural, attractive fluidity.


Something like the poor man’s cross between slicked back and pompadour. Unfussy and versatile, this medium style is traditionally parted at one corner of the head, then swooped back and to the side opposite the part. You’ll be once again using a comb, blowdryer, and round brush.

This gives your hair some fluffy density, plus it avoids any problems with heavy hair falling down the sides. For added texture and hold, work in your product of choice. Or embrace a soft natural texture and keep it in place with a light hairspray.

Comb Over

This one isn’t usually associated with medium length hairstyles for men. Instead, it’s associated with covering up a bald spot. But the style has a modern interpretation that works well for everything from thinning hair to the full monty. 

A comb-over basically amounts to a part that sits at one corner of the head. As the hair is coiffed across the top, it creates a bold midsection that runs parallel to the forehead. This look can range from almost flat to extremely volumized, perfectly compacted, or swoopy and free-flowing.

Side Comb

Our final side part style is pretty much any part left or right of center and involves bringing the hair to one side across the top. If you’re doing medium hairstyles for men that feature a temporary part, most of the time, you’ll do some variation of a side comb. 

A part very low to one side creates a bold, dramatic look on the fly but is limited by your shortest strands. They have to be able to get all the way across unless you’re willing to pop in a snap clip or bobby pin. Moderate upper parts can let some hair drape across the forehead or hang at the side to frame your face.

With Accessories

Most of the time, medium hair on men is still a little too short to rock a full man bun or pony. It may work if you have thick curls, as it can form a respectable round puff. But for everyone else, you’ll still want to reliably keep hair out of your face from time to time. 

Call reinforcements in the form of a few handy accessories.

The Headband

A little more functional than fashionable, it definitely exudes a certain adventurous spirit. Perfect for working out, being active outdoors, or just when your neck will be bent forward a lot, like working in a car’s engine bay or preparing a nice dinner. 

Wear it at the top of the forehead to keep hair pushed back, and maybe supplement with some clips, so no strands are looking too wild.

Hair Clips

These keep things laidback without drawing too much attention to themselves. If you have a section of awkward length hair that won’t stay put, or not quite enough uniform length for a perfect no part style, try a small snap clip or a small claw clip to hold everything in place. 

This is a look that’s tidy enough to work at work or enhance messy casual vibes for a breezy day on the beach.


Men with medium hair length have a lot to work within 2020 — but not too much. A just right, Goldilocks amount. Hopefully, with these men’s medium length hairstyles in your repertoire, it becomes an easier routine.

They take a little practice, and if you experiment, there won’t always be satisfactory results. Yet the only way to break out of a style rut is to work through your growing pains, product-fueled mishaps, and straight-up bad hair days. Have a trusty bottle of hairspray in hand, too, making sure once you get your hair how you like, you can set it and forget it.